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Internal Communication

Internal communication is the necessary tool to achieve communicative cohesion among all the people who are part of a company or institution, a fundamental process for any organization to work perfectly.

Undatia Communication analyses and identifies the needs of the HR processes of an organization, and creates strategies to achieve effective internal communication, capable of involving and mobilizing teams towards a common goal.


Internal communication services: 


1. Audit/diagnosis of internal communication

Investigation of the current situation and needs through:

  • Analysis of internal channels and formats
  •  Map of internal audiences
  • Employee experience:
  • Focus group of 10-12 people.
  • Personal interviews with employees from different areas.
  • Climate survey: Company, Development and Growth, and Future Vision
  • Message evaluation:  Which information the company communicates and who communicates it?
  • Communication of the leader
  • Internal Communications SWOT analysis


2. Design of the Action Plan

Definition of ad hoc communication projects and campaigns, such as:

  • Culture and values
  • Better employee onboarding process:
  • Welcome kit
  • Definition of the key moments of the employees’ welcome for their good onboarding.
  • Onboarding Guide
  • Implementation of the figure of the host tutor.
  • Internal ambassador programs
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Production of print, online and audiovisual media: newsletters, host manuals, memories, intranets, videos...
  • Employer branding (make employees the best ambassadors of the company).
  • Experiential events. Organization of internal events: open days, company events, sales convention...
  • Specific training in communication, training for spokespersons, coaching for leadership, training in digital communication.
  • Change management: digitalization, workplace.
  • Training and development.



3. Channels and contents

  • Digital platforms: social media, apps, intranet.
  • Invigorate collaborative channels.
  • Publications: internal magazine, newsletter, internal screens network, infographics, and memories.
  • Corporate videos.
  • Internal branding: naming and visual identity.