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Personal Branding: the control of your own identity

Salvador Solé
August 7th 2015

Probably you ever written your name into Google to see what is said about you. If you're not quite satisfied with the results of the research, get to work.

The traces left by our digital presence is increasingly important today, regardless of professional situation in which we find ourselves.

If you are looking for a job, a good curriculum Linkedin is very necessary because it is a very good source of information for professionals and recruiters for companies that want to incorporate more human resources and talent. If you are a lawyer, economist or cultural manager, for example, your job requires, among other things, generate credibility and reputation in the market or in your environment. If you want to increase, it is good to record that manage knowledge, either personal or for your business or buffet.

If you're a company and want to promote or want to give you courage to dedicate yourself to another kind of activity out of it (critical concerts, cooking expert, etc.) is highly recommended that you put up a strategy that allows you to generate awareness in your surroundings.

When talking about personal branding and personal branding, talk about how to generate awareness in our environment.

Therefore the first thing we have to define what it is we want to impact environment, it is necessary to define a strategy, through which and through the implementation of appropriate actions, we can reach the target groups or desired.

Talking about personal branding is conceptually speaking from inside or from the inside out. That is, we identify the potential that we have, both the professional and the personal character and try to project them outwards. This will allow us to be authentic and our message is always believable.

In addressing the strategy, you should consider the tools you will use, how and when will put into practice and which platforms hold yourself.

If you want to open profiles on social networks, think about what and why. Think how you imagine managing your personal brand within six months, and if feasible effort and discipline that you invest during this time because your strategy is fulfilled. In principle, it is better to go slowly and try not to take too much or more than they are willing to comply. There is nothing more counterproductive than to generate expectations in your environment and then not fulfill them.

If you do not have a blog, look for platforms where you can expose your opinion or your projects. Make speeches or lectures live to reinforce your image. Invigorates your networking activity. Organized workshops and activities generated in conjunction with other organizations. Be active.

Everyone has to have its own strategy, depending on the size that you want to give to our personal brand, but always following behavior patterns that make us be consistent in our messages that allow us to share our knowledge and interact with our environment.

Certainly, when we expose ourselves publicly and have a more active role in our society, we are aware that we start losing the anonymity, but otherwise, there is nothing better that you be yourself who can get to have control your own identity.