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Company communication strategy

At UNDATIA we define company and corporate communication strategies in a way which aligns with corporate objectives and helps to achieve them. We also offer support to communication departments in defining mid or long term strategies which will provide them with good positioning, taking on board the different variables necessary for efficient communication.

Institutions, whether public or private, must add value to the courses of action which they decide upon. The purpose is to ensure the work you do reaches people and is given a certain value, thus raising the profile of the social benefits your work generates.

Many institutions struggle to make waves in the media; this is often due to the lack of a strategic plan that defines what must be communicated, and when and how to transmit such a message.

The support of an external company such as UNDATIA, which will bring a degree of objectivity to whatever needs to be communicated, helping to achieve the best results in terms of public opinion and make this communication more efficient.

As we like to say at UNDATIA, we turn communication into a strategic advantage.