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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a commitment from companies, corporations and institutions to integrate social and/or environmental concerns into their commercial operations and their relations with others.

A socially responsible company integrates economic and social progress that both favours its competitiveness and promotes sustainable development. Improving a company’s image through CSR is an excellent marketing and communication tool for increasing revenue and creating customer loyalty, fostering increased worker commitment and a better reputation and public opinion.

The current CSR challenge, to a greater extent, can be found in communication management, in social awareness of these types of strategies and/or actions.

At UNDATIA we offer the possibility to reinforce brand images for companies, corporations or institutions through the design and implementation of CSR initiatives that have added-value, thereby positioning and differentiating these entities from their competitors, and strengthening the impact, perception and social value of these actions.

For us, the three core ideas of the CSR communication plan are to create awareness, start acting upon it, and to disseminate it through a report.