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Export Communication

UNDATIA export includes communication services oriented to Spanish exporting companies. We offer assessment to increase visibility and improve the positioning of products or brands in foreign markets. 

UNDATIA communication adapts to each client needs and demands, depending on brand's maturity, market penetration etc. UNDATIA can give support to its clients in the following stages: 

  • Strategic Communication proposal for each market. Analysis, evaluation and assessment to create a owned territory for the receptive markets.
  • Definition and adaptation of the key messages to the local culture. Each market is different and the public has its own social and cultural references.
  • Selection of the media and channels depending on the Brand need (Conventional and/or Digital). In alignment with the objective and budget available, assessment to maximise the investment We recommend medias and channels to reach the goals set to optimise the return of investment. 
    • Communication Campaign
    • Press office
    • Pubblic Relations
    • Contact with key opinion Leaders, bloggers e influencers
    • Events (congress, tradeshow,  workshops, etc.)
    • Social media and community management
    • ​Audio-visual content
    • Speech and conferences