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Training in relational communication

Relational communication allows us to identify our own communication profiles and our different communication styles with others.

Our ability to identify each of these styles, will enable our messages to be received more easily and effectively, thus preventing unnecessary conflicts and strengthening trusted relationships.



  • Improve the quality of personal relationships and obtain better results
  • Discover the power of language, empathy and persuasion in personal, workplace, social, etc. situations.
  • Learn to shape and modulate arguments in order to achieve more satisfactory results with our addressees
  • Improve internal communication in organisations



  • Individual questionnaire-test to identify your own relational style
  • Introduction to the Bridge model to discover the different communication styles
  • Exploration of these different styles, including the group’s relational communication map
  • Identification and interpretation of the different styles



  • Class participants fill out a questionnaire style test before the training session begins in order to identify each persons’ relational profile
  • Training is completely practical. The session is intense yet fun, with group work and role-playing
  • Relational communication training courses can be:

    *Group courses, 5 hours in length
    *Individual courses, 2 hours in length


Course taught by:

Salvador Solé

Communication consultant

See cv

Ampai Gimferrer

Strategy consultant for the development of people and organisations

See cv