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Communication coaching

UNDATIA communication coaching represents continuous support and assistance for any communication actions for spokespersons or directors of companies or institutions: in-person speeches (during corporate or institutional events, project presentations...), audiovisual media appearances (statements, interviews, press conferences, debates, etc.) or in writing (articles in the press or in digital media, etc.).


Communication coaching consists of

  • Preparation of the structure of the speech and the key messages
  • Creation of a script or speech outline
  • Staging preparation
  • Prior recording and analysis of the speech
  • Analysis and assessment, a posteriori, of the speeches
  • Continuous support to strengthen the spokesperson’s communication skills


And also enables

  • Access to new personal resources for communication
  • Gaining enhanced self-awareness
  • Acquisition of new communication methods


UNDATIA communication coaching sessions are

  • Individual
  • Personalised
  • Adapted to the real needs of the spokesperson
  • Held at the work place of the spokesperson and, whenever possible, are rehearsed at the actual location where the event will take place
  • Several sessions are scheduled over a specific period of time, in accordance with the spokesperson’s schedule